Phyt Gurl


Support Group

The Phyt Gurl support group is a great place to receive motivation, encouragement, kudos, emotional support and for built in accountability and workout partners.

Life Coaching

Need assistance making healthy lifestyle changes, decision making, time management, clearing up your environment, getting started working on personal or professional goal, or to just unload in a non-judgmental safe space.  Don't just look your best, be your best!

Nutritional Consultation

A great body, healthy lifestyle and clear mental state starts in the kitchen. Phyt Gurlz don't believe in dieting but a healthy lifestyle change to a way that you can eat for the rest of your life. With our nutritional consultation, eating guidelines and meal planning assistance you will lose will never yo-yo diet again!


  • For the woman who has a short term goal or upcoming engagement
  • 6 week program 
  • 4 45 min sessions per week
  • Written workout provided weekly that client will complete 2 days per week on their own
  • Includes access to the PhytGurl online community through the duration of the program

*Ask about group training that will provide a discount for each individual. Great for bridal parties, girl trip preparation or to get your entire family fit through lifestyle change*