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My coach is out of this world!! I was at a very heavy, and unhappy point in my life and really needed something to jump start my fitness journey. I joined Coach Coco's PhytGurl group and that day my life was changed. She personally supported me, created workouts for my specific goals, and created an atmosphere for me to be the best me I could be. Within this phyt community I was surrounded by other women that were on the same journey. We had different fitness challenges, group workouts, and personal challenges as well. I won the first running challenge running 60 miles in a month and a half, and believe me I am a novice when it comes to running. She pushed me beyond me weaknesses and in 60 days I lost 17lbs. There are no gimmicks, or magic diet pills or creams. Coach Coco is all about health and wellness and she CHANGED MY LIFE!! What are you waiting for? Join PhytGurl today!!- Talibah Allen

I've known Coco  for years and watched her start her journey to fitness. I would ask her what I needed to do and she would tell me "workout". At that time I wasn't ready. Well I started my journey around 4 years ago. With her motivation and just leading by example I got down to my lowest weight. She has been very encouraging. I can tell her what results I'm looking to get and she gives me an assignment that works for my body type. Being part of the Phytgurls has been encouraging. Seeing everybody's post daily helps me to workout.  We have became a sister hood. We help each other through everyday struggles with life. I highly encourage anyone who is looking to get fit. Qiana will empower you with all you need to get fit. You just have to take the initiative to make it happen. I encourage anyone to just try out our community!


 My name is Sarah and this is my Mother Toni.  Though my life I have always struggled with weight, I tired every diet pill on the market as a teenager. As we know the youth have no filter so I always pretended to be ok with my size sometimes using it as a defense mechanism, thinking if i accepted it, why wouldn't the others? Deep down inside I was not ok with it,  I secretly was taking diet pills trying to change my weight on the low. These multiple diet pills were not the answer, although I had dropped a few pounds I was struggling with a speeded heart rate, obsessive sweating and  terrible increased amount of mood swings that was unfair to everyone around me!! My Mother being the great women she is noticed these changes in me, she insisted on waking me up every morning at 5am prior to school to go to the gym with her to start a change in my life. I did not fight her I went with it because she was my mother and I was suppose to listen to her directions. That was when I started my weight loss journey. At 15 years old  starting weight 226 pounds I had to change the way I ate and my activity level defiantly had to increase. Several Years had passed and I was maintaining a weight of 170 pounds. Then we reach adulthood and things change, every thing that I put in my mouth I feel would add a pound I had moved out of my parents house so I didn’t have mom there to push me to the gym every morning. It is very easy to fall back into old habits good & bad. I slowly was gaining my weight back, Life happens, although I never went back to the two hundreds I still felt like I needed to get back to my smallest weight.  I was able to meet a young lady by the name of Coco through a friend. She was starting a Career as a trainer, I was already ready to get back into the gym grove so I said sign me up to be your first client just in a joking way, We chuckled and went on about our day. The next morning I received a call from Coco asking me about coming to her house for a fitness lesson. Hmmmmmm I know I said I wanted to get back into shape but Im tired, I worked today, Ill just diet etc…. I declined her first offer, later thinking to my self thats a old lazy habit, I called her back and asked if she was still able to give the session. She was and was more than happy to wear me out! Coco trained me for a year or so, with her goal in mind of starting her business know as PHYTGURL. This group that she has created is wonderful. I joined and shortly after hearing about it my mother wanted in too!  Coach Coco is now a mother to myself and my mother in the gym!! She gives us the drive that we need to keep going and the workouts designed for our body types today. This group has some of the most beautiful women in it all striving for the same goal under the direction of a great leader. I now have a great understanding that there is more to it than just a diet, to be tone and healthy is the mission. I 100% recommend trying Phytgurl if your are ready to start a healthy road to weight loss under the direction of a great leader with the support of fellow PhytSistas!